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Fire Extinguisers

Fire Extinguishers

AirTight Security Systems Limited design, install and maintain fire extinguishers to the current British Standards (BS5306).

Fire extinguishers are generally a prerequisite of a Fire Certificate, which is required by the Fire Precautions Act or the Workplace Regulations. Once an audit or fire risk assessment has taken place, the extinguishers can be installed and then a Fire Certificate can be issued.

Water fire extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers are used on Class A fires, which usually involve freely burning solid materials such as paper, wood, straw, fabrics and coal. The extinguisher works by spraying a jet of water onto the fire, which penetrates the fire and extinguishes the flames by cooling the burning materials, preventing them from re-igniting.

Ordinary water fire extinguishers should not be used on fires involving electrical equipment, because water is conductive and could lead to an electric shock if used on anything electrical.

There are several main types of water fire extinguishers: the spray mist extinguishers and water additive extinguishers, both of which are standard models. Standard models use ordinary tap water that is sprayed out from a jet under pressure from compressed air.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) fire extinguishers

CO2 (carbon dioxide) fire extinguishers are the only fire extinguishers recommended for fires involving electrical equipment. CO2 is safe to use on and around electrical equipment, as the gas itself is non-conductive and once used there is no sticky foam or messy powder left behind. They are also effective on Class B fires (flammable liquids).

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are painted bright red, with a black panel above the operating instructions. The smaller models have a distinctive horn-shaped nozzle at the side, whilst models that are 5kgs and above have a hose and horn.

Dry Powder fire extinguishers

Dry powder fire extinguishers are excellent all-round fire extinguishers, often recommended for use on vehicles and in the home. All powder fire extinguishers are red with a blue panel, and are either ABC (Solids/Liquids/Gases) or BC (Liquids/Gases) rated. They are also safe to use on fires involving electrical equipment (which may be indicated by the electrical safety pictogram).

Dry powder extinguishers are not suitable for use in enclosed spaces such as offices, hotels and schools, because the fire-fighting agent creates a cloud that can obscure vision. The contents may also cause breathing problems.

Foam fire extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers have come a long way in 30 years. The original foam was thick, gloopy and smelt appalling, due to its high animal protein content.

Modern Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) fire extinguishers are another breed altogether, and are one of the best all-round units available.

Foam extinguishers are red with a cream panel above the operating instructions.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are a relatively recent innovation, developed specifically for use on deep fat cooking fires. The first such extinguisher on the market was the Chubb Fry Fighter. Its appearance gave rise to a new fire class, Class F and a new British Standard- BS 7937:2000.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are red with a canary yellow panel above the operating instructions.

AirTight Security Systems Limited are qualified by the FIA (Fire Industry Association) and approved by BAFE. We can design the installation of your fire extinguishers and in addition, both supply and service your extinguishers.

We offer competitive rates for all of our services and offer an annual service on all extinguishers or existing installations provided by others.

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I would like to place on record my thanks to Paul and Adrian of Airtight Security Systems Limited.



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worked around this.

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When AirTight visited for what in our eyes was a routine maintenance call for our alarm system, little did we know that the system upon which we had relied over the the past two years had not been properly installed and commissioned.

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